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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  October 31, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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that's going to do it for me on this halloween. we have a lot more. just in, survey monkey credit as the fbi was looking into more. rolling out the numbers right now. >> thanks for that and get let get to it. the question on everyone's mind and the last minute revelation, what impact is it having on the race? we have brand-new survey monkey online polling conducted since that announcement, since the revelation. the first thing i want to do is tell you where it stands right now. this poll reflects the entire week. what you are looking at from the week of the 24th to the 30th. a six-point clinton lead. the question is what effect did that announcement friday afternoon have on these numbers? was there an impact?
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it was taking place minute to friday. it was 47-41. that was before we learned anything about what james comey and the fbi are up to. since then, saturday and sunday, the exact same numbers. it was 47-41. in this poll before that announcement from the fbi and it is 47-41 at least in this poll since that announcement by the fbi. that question here, did it have a huge immediate impact on the horse race? in our poll, the answer is no. this poll said in the first two days, the impact would seem to be minimal to nonexistent. the question here, the last minute developments are they an important issue or a distraction. there is a small majority who said this is an important issue. look how it breaks on party lines. if you are a democrat, you are saying this is just a drakz.
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and if you air republican you are saying this is important. not a distraction. among independents, if there is room here for donald trump it's probably right here. two thirds of independent voters say this is an important issue. since we learned of the fbi looking into the e-mails. keep in mind in an unprecedented situation like this, probably the best advice is not to read too much into any one poll and not to say it's too concrete. there are two other polls that have come out in the last couple of days measuring since the announcement by the fbi. we saw a no change in the survey monkey poll. they did see a drop of three points from the previous poll by hillary clinton. she went from a six-point lead to a three-point lead. abc news tracker, they saw one
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point for hillary clinton from before until after. we will get more measurements and what we have with the survey monkey poll, that is the best we have so far in terms of the immediate impact. that is where they show the 2340u789 from the f impact from the fbi. we will start with mark murray who joins us from washington. the other polls they will be taking and no change or very minimal at the margins. we have to continue to monitor this through monday, tuesday,
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wednesday to see. one of the biggest takeaways of this entire general election race is how stable it has been. and there has not been a lot of change and when you end up looking at the clinton race, the clinton lead is in the high single digits or the double-digits with a couple of exceptions. we continue to have to look at the race, but right now it looks like americans, democratic voters and republicans are already in the corners and this has not changed things yet. >> mark murray in washington, thanks for taking a minute now. over to msnbc contributor, the
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founder of the "washington post" blog. at the end of last week, you wrote terrible, horrible, no good very bad week. getting polling, we have the new numbers here. the survey monkey and the abc "washington post" and the morning political poll. how do you put this in perspective? >> i was listening to mark and i think i largely agree. no evidence available yet. that doesn't mean there will be, but we tend to process things because it's our job within five minutes of them happening. the average person has a lot going on. let's see if it seeps in and marinades with the public and opinions change. i do think you and i were talking about this this morning. it's important to know that even if you don't see the numbers move drastically, things like this in the past have not been big movers of the numbers, but they have tended to impact
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enthusiasm. if the republican enthusiasm jumps and drops a little bit, it might be hard to tell in polling up until election day. it could make for a closer race than we are expecting. that said, hillary clinton has a big edge. we have gone over the map separately and together. she still has a far easier path to 270 than he does. >> the other thing in terms of uncertainty is how it affects the conversation. the big picture conversation over the final eight days. if this had not come out, we would be talking about very different issues and topics and maybe it would be the latest trouble trump got himself into. this could change the conversation the rest of this week. >> i think it would be something donald trump said or did that passed the prologue. the one thing we know is the guy has a tendance tow make news in the general election about himself that we are likely to be talking about. the fbi and james comey and hillary clinton and the e-mail
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investigation. there is no one, not robbie mook or hillary clinton or bill clinton or chelsea clinton who would say this is how we would like the final week to close. a lot of the negatives for hillary clinton are baked into it. yes. is that going to change a lot of minds? i'm not sure it will change a lot of minds, but i wonder about the enthusiasm on both sides. >> from the fix at "the washington post." thanks for taking a few minutes. the polls with brand-new numbers out. the survey monkey poll just eight days away from election day. both candidates are on the campaign trail this afternoon. hillary clinton is trying to shift the conversation from the issue of her personal e-mail server and dismissing the concerns over the fbi's reupped investigation. >> i'm sure a lot of you may be asking what this new e-mail story is about and why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no
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evidence. now they apparently want to look at e-mails of one of my staffers and by all means they should look at them. i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> kelly o'donnell is covering the clinton campaign and joins us. this is an important strategic and tactical question in terms of how they responded. it's not just saying we think there is no there there, but this question of how hard do they go after the fbi and how close do they come to alleging an out right political agenda by the fbi and the director in. >> it is treacherous ground because hillary clinton embraced the results when james comey decided along with those in the justice department that there would be no indictment related to her private server. what you see today is a lighter touch from hillary clinton
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herself while there are many democrats who can be much more forceful in going after james comby and tugging a thumb on the scale from the fbi director. you heard her speaking to voters and saying of course look at the e-mails and there will be no finding that anything was wrong. her demeanor, facial expression and the words she used, getting the point across, but in a lighter tone than what we saw even over the weekend. i think they are seeing the numbers that you sort ever put forth. there doesn't seem to be an earthquake in the state of the race based on this finding. it is problematic for the clinton campaign and they have to answer for it and talk about it. her close aide is trying to project confidence and nothing to see here. don't let that distract you. what hillary clinton is trying to talk about today are things that she believes she can wage
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against donald trump that may be more tellinged h ining heading . on the strength of his capabilities and to be commander in chief. bringing up the nuclear issue and the responsibility for the codes, hitting him on foreign policy and raising questions about are there any ties between trump to vladimir putin or infiltration into the electoral process for the russian government. dealing with the issue that she must deal with the prosecutor taking up her own against donald trump on matters of his fitness to be in charge of foreign policy for the united states. steve? >> kelly o'donnell with the clinton side of things. thank you for that. hillary clinton's opponent with the war in michigan. you are looking at donald trump schedule to start a rally any minute. donald trump spoke earlier today
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and he had been calling through the summer and into the fall. that resulted in charges that he had been saying it was rig and he is backing off and changing his tune with the new news. covering the trump campaign and joining me now here on set. this seems to be an interesting test for donald trump. we had been watching for more than a year and a half now. it is almost a joke to be saying when does he pivot into a more conventional candidate. there is a clear opportunity if he can resist going on twitter and picking a fight or responding to someone's bait to get into another fight like he has throughout the campaign. he is driving an effective message. >> it is the best opportunity he had so far to do this and to have his base of supporters and independent or republicans or
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uncomfortable with him. they find comfort in voting on november 8th. is he going to be able to do this? even the aides and advisers don't necessarily know if trump will be able to stay in line on message and off twitter for the next eight days. for the past three days the campaign is hitting the point hard and using it to focus on at their rallies. the premium is rising and they have these e-mails that they can use to their advantage. these are three things that operatives say donald trump can use to regain footing. if he is able to use them to win the white house, they are still going to be a little bit surprised. he needs to turn it around. >> when you say they are hearing that for the first time.
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>> the cnn analyst and e-mails showing he was giving the campaign and questions might come out and the town hall in flint, michigan. they are concerned about this and donna said she never had any access to the questions. there is murky stuff going on. the headline is all they need. hillary clinton knew about questions before a debate. she didn't reveal this. it was rigged in her favor and rigged against bernie sanders. is it going to be proof? it doesn't need to be for trump at this moment. they haven't generally abided by facts to their advantage. if they use that, they use the premiums and the fbi reviving of the investigation. operatives hope at the least it helps down ballot candidates. they have tight races in new
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hampshire and pennsylvania with pat toomey. marco rubio in florida. they need something to refocus the energy instead of making the senators come out and respond to what donald trump is saying. they will make the rivals come out and respond to what's going on with hillary clinton. they believe it is good timing in order to make it so they maintain the majority in the senate. trump himself is the big question. can he stay on message for the next kweek? >> eight days between here and election day. thank you for that. the latest review of e-mails found on the laptop for the long time aide and her estranged husband anthony wiener. what we are learning about how long it could take and if we can expect to hear from the director again before the election. plus -- >> did the director make a mistake? >> it's unusual.
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i don't know if i can say that it was wrong. it was probably inconsistent protocol and you have to question the decision. >> the former bush administration attorney alberto gonzalez questioning james comey's letter and timing. i will discuss that decision for those who praised him this summer are singing a different tune. stay with us. anything meant to stand needs a stable foundation.
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>> maybe pertinent to the investigation into clinton's server that was concluded or appeared to conclude in july. the latest development in what we have been calling in october surprise. the fbi obtained a warrant to search the e-mails. 650,000 of them apparently. they have given no time table for the search and the election is eight days away. nbc news pete williams has the latest. the bottom line question, eight days until election day and 20 million ballots cast. any indication of when we may hear anything else? >> no. they don't know when this will be done and there are several parts to this. the first thing is they are not going to search through 50,000 e-mails. all they are interested in is the one sent to and from huma
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during the time hillary clinton is secretary of state. that number is smaller. it's in the thousands, but smaller. a lot of this will be done by automated process. the big thing is to weed out duplicates that they have already found and only then when they start to narrow it down to the ones they have to look at one by one will they get to the guts of this to see if there is an issue. was there classified information? there is no way to tell at this point how long that will take. there was optimism that if it went quickly, they may have something to say, but if there are no results like that, they don't expect anything further and director comey has no plans to elaborate on what he said last friday. >> pete, thanks for that. comey's action is sparking a heated debate. democrats are crying foul. harry reid is accusing comey of violating federal law,
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specifically he said the ratch act that prohibits officials from intervening in elections. he chose while staying mum on probes to donald trump's ties to the russian government. and the clear double standard established by your actions suggest that your approach along with the timing and failure rt partisan candidate or political group. harry reid writing to james comey. there is this new twist in the last few minutes. they were reporting that james comey did avoid naming russia saying it was too close to the election to release that kind of information. for more i want to bring in amen who wrote that report. i will leave it to you with the news here. there has been all sorts of accusations with the news about the e-mails being too close to
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the election. you are reporting he looked at the russian news and said that was too close to get involved in. >> that's right. a former fbi official saying there was decision making involved in all of this as the whole of the united states government tried to decide how to respond to this and what to say publicly. this is the statement that was put out and as it got later and later in times. there is a question here about when you tell the public and what you say about what the fbi is doing. traditionally, the fbi said nothing about ongoing investigations and that's the stance they like to take. in this tas with this e-mail, the fbi has taken a much more
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transparent tack because of the national importance of the issue. that's where we are. >> a new twist and this stirs plenty of discussion, i am sure. thanks for taking a few minutes. i want to bring in matthew miller and eric holder at the department of justice. he has been critical of the clinton e-mail case. he was also a special assistant to two attorneys general and the office of personnel management. let me start with you. let me ask you this. if you are the fbi director and you find out about the thousands of e-mails that his people believe may be pertinent and probably are pertinent to this investigation. what should you do? say nothing? >> absolutely say nothing. you should do what attorneys general and fbi directors have done for decades. take no steps that could be interpreted by the public as
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trying to influence the election one way or the other. this actually has never before been a close call. they will often times not say things about cases when it's close to the election which they usually don't anyway. a lot of times they won't take steps for fear it might leak and unfairly tarnish a candidate. what he did was beyond precedent. you look at the latest report from the cnbc where he wouldn't even sign off on the statement naming russia. did not mention trump at all. the contrast is pretty stark. >> what do you say to that? >> i think matt is wrong. i believe the director did what he had to do and he went under oath before the house. i wanted to point out that in the blockbuster piece in the "wall street journal" this morning, he is quoting director mccabe as telling the department of the justice, are you telling
1:25 pm
me to shut down an investigation because the other big blockbuster is there is a vast investigation into the clinton foundation. four different fbi field offices are involved in the pay to play foundation. we have the 650,000 e-mails of which some may or may not have been previously disclosed and they have to be looked at and maybe they were not reached. we have a parallel line of leaks coming out that show everybody knows the russians were involved and they didn't know about the clinton foundation and didn't know about the wiener laptop. i believe voters are best served by the most information possible. i'm with john corn an and trey gowdy. there are republican critics of director comey that if he had held this and a smoking gun emerges, the fbi would be damaged. >> that is the question. i'm trying to imagine the
1:26 pm
scenario and the polls we have been looking at and weeks from now in november we find out that wow, a couple of weeks before the election, the fbi and this issue dominated the campaign and the fbi found all of this out. there would be loud cries of a cover up. >> here's the problem. if they had found a smoking gun, you can argue and they have argument it is against it that they had a smoking gun of inappropriate activity. maybe that is something they need to know. in fact the fbi itself doesn't even know what they have. all he has done by releasing this letter is led people to make assumptions and hurl innuendos and that's why they said you don't do this type of thing. when people hear something is being investigated, they assume the worst and a lot of these e-mails will appear to be d
1:27 pm
duplicates. people will misinterpret when we don't have factual information about what happened. >> between now and the election, what more do you think james comey owes the public? what should he be saying between now and the election? >> only if there is a smoking gun do i think he should come forward. an exoneration would be viewed as rigged. we know there are 650,000 e-mails on the wiener laptop and the fbi is going to segregate those that have not been reviewed by the fbi and including those that found to be uncoverable in the first investigation. if within those, the x files of new e-mails from and to the secretary of state, they find any evidence of that standard that he articulated in the summer, the indictment becomes
1:28 pm
real again. that's why he had to act. we know there are 650,000. we don't know how many are new and when it will be done. it's not going to be done before the election and myself believe given what i have been told by the attorney by the way this microsoft outlook function works, i posted it and they are going to find everything that will go to the secretary's intent. it may exonerate her or convict her or indict her. they will find out. i don't think he comes forward unless he has a smoking gun. he ought to come forward, but we won't have enough time. >> the 650,000 number, we don't know how many of those were huma's. this was a shared laptop with anthony wiener. that's among other things that is yet to be released publicly. thanks. >> thanks. >> donald trump is not yet on stage in michigan. we continue to keep an eye on the event. he will be scheduled to speak
1:29 pm
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>> welcome back. time for a check of the headlines at the half hour. the latest twist in the e-mail investigation. doesn't at least so far appear to be having an impact on her standing in the polls. we told you about it and brand new survey monkey tracking poll got clinton ahead by six points over donald trump, virtually unchanged. since the news came out last friday. this comes as the fbi starts combing through new e-mails linked to the investigation of that private server clinton used as secretary of state.
1:33 pm
revealing the existence on friday. they were tone o they were on a laptop owned by anthony wiener and clinton aide huma abedin. attacking donald trump on national security. his fitness to be president. trump for his part is not giving up on the issue of clinton's private e-mail server. why would he? trump telling a crowd that his rival broke the law over and over by lying to the fbi and destroying evidence on her phone and e-mails. democrats are asking them to reject absentee and provisional ballots if they make mistakes in filling out identification blanks. they had disenfranchised
1:34 pm
thousands of voters. the jury meanwhile deliberates the fate of two former allies of chris christie. they are both of rk accused of orchestrating lane closures of the george washington bridge as cal pay back of a reelection bid. they called christie and members of his inner circle cowards for not testifying at the trial. back now to politics. just eight days away from election day and donald trump campaigning in the very blue state of michigan. this is part of the last minute strategy on the part of the trump campaign. call it a blue state strategy. we saw donald trump in colorado, a state we have been thinking of as a clinton state in new mexico and a state we have been thinking of as a clinton state. he is up there in michigan. you can see the reason why the campaign is thinking about blue
1:35 pm
states. hillary clinton, our projections say she is in good shape in states equalling 272 electoral votes. even if trump won every undecided state on this map right now, hillary clinton would still be over 270. if you are donald trump and the trump campaign, thgz to winning all the toss upstates and that is a big hurdle, in addition you have to find in the next eight days, one state on this map, at least one state that right now is solid blue and you have to flip it. you have eight days to do it. that seems to be what the trump campaign is doing. they are punching for the magic blue state where there is an opportunity that the rest of the world hasn't picked up on. let's take a look where donald trump is right now. we are standing by in warren, michigan. is there an opportunity in that state? 16 electoral votes. here's the latest poll from a couple of days ago. seven-point lead for hillary
1:36 pm
clinton. there is a gap there and it is single digits. maybe you can say it's striking distance, but a reason for that gap and this is the story of the trump campaign. it is in michigan, a tale of two counties and a tale of two americas. this is where donald trump is right now. michigan is in mccomb county, the heart of blue collar michigan. he has been doing well with white voters without college degrees. the old days, you called them reagan democrats. that was the home or the heart of reagan democrat america. donald trump is running up the score. ahead by 20 points over hillary clinton. that's where he is today. look at the flip side and you go next door. he is struggling in the upscale suburbs. clinton winning by 20. that is the story we have been
1:37 pm
seeing. for every vote he gains, he seems to lose them in the professional suburbs. that's why michigan is a steep climb for him. he needs one of the blue states. jennifer is the former governor of michigan and cochair of hillary clinton's prospective team. he is in your neck of the woods. you are in washington now. the governor sees an opportunity and looks at the county where he is speaking and said i can turn out the old reagan democrats and the blue collar white voters and i can flip michigan. any reason for the clinton campaign to pay a little extra attention to michigan in the final week. >> i always love the clinton campaign paying attention to michigan and tim kaine was there yesterday. they are not leaving michigan off of their roster, but i don't think it will be in trump's column. the people of michigan like your poll you just showed, they are really pragmatic people. they are not going to be swayed
1:38 pm
by all of this talk about the e-mails and he is going to talk about trade and jobs, but that's what she is talking about as well. when you compare the importance in terms of getting government to move, she has it over him hands down. people in michigan and people in mccomb county too are concerned about national security. when you consider donald trump's reckless behavior, i was checking this national intelligence that ranks the global threats. they put donald trump on their list as the 6th biggest global threat after jihadi terrorism. they never put a person on this list before. it's always a movement of some kind. donald trump is on the list and people know he is a danger.
1:39 pm
she has plans to be able to address them. the people in terms of jobs and they care about both of the issues. >> i want to ask you about the e-mail investigation. this is what hillary clinton tweeted yesterday. on saturday she tweeted this. she said yesterday director comey bowed to partisan pressure and released a vague and inappropriate letter to congress. i am curious when she said bowed to partisan pressure, i want to be clear what the message is coming out of the clinton campaign. the message here is not just that james comey made a mistake or blundered. he is being pushed around by republicans. >> i'm not sure she is saying that today, but you have to wonder why there is this double standard. why is it that director comey did not want to talk about the fbi's involvement with the investigation related to especially donald trump's campaign and people in that
1:40 pm
campaign. why not be transparent about that when you are transparent about this in violation of fbi rules. i'm hopeful despite what hugh hewitt said, i am hopeful that this winnowing down of the e-mails and who knows, they could be saying please print these e-mails and that's it. let's see what they are. give us something that characterizes this. i have every confidence that this is a nonissue. the issues i just spoke about, his recklessness, her steady hand and his inability to do policy and her deep knowledge of policy. those are the things that people will care about and boy the way, i think people will care that their daughters and sons have a role model in the white house and not a serial groper. >> the former governor of
1:41 pm
michigan. i want to bring back letters going back and forth to the justice department. house intelligence asking for clarification on james comey's letter. tell us what's going on. >> there is a whirl of paper going back and forth with all of these issues where there are questions and there is a request going from the house intelligence committee. that chairman who is a republican asking for very specific answers. there was a bit of a political tone in the letter talking about wanting to know the extent of harm done by former secretary clinton to the national security. that's not an impartial tone, but asking for specific things about how many devices were obtained and when they were obtained. the separate investigation related to allegations of sexting with a minor. he of course married and is estranged from huma abedin.
1:42 pm
also the vice chair of her campaign. asking for more of the specifics and a bit of the timeline and when did they know these devices exist and what did they know about them? do they know how many e-mails could potentially have any relationship to hillary clinton at all? some of the basic, who, what, when, where. it comes under the heading of the house of representatives and looking for director comb tow provide the answers. it also goes into a couple of other issues that are a bit not directly related, but including a matter relating to governor terry mcauliffe of virginia and whether or not there were donations related to him that affected someone who was on the investigative team handling the hillary clinton matter. his spouse was running for office in virginia. lots of political land mines. in addition that, we had from the department of justice, a letter sent to four of the
1:43 pm
senators. theying they want to be responsive. anyone who has jurisdiction wants to make sure they fired off a letter and asked the questions they want to be answer and are sort of in the chain waiting to be responded to. it is expected, but notable to see what the lawmakers want to know and how is the department responding. we expect more of these papers and answers to be coming over the coming days. is that is one question that hangs out there. >> eight days from now. we will be about to get our exit polls in the race. that's how close we are. in washington, thank you for that. ahead we will sgheez a quick break. when we come back, who would have thought at the start of this campaign in the final days we are talking about anthony
1:44 pm
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with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. >> i made statements that were rough like how can she be allowed to live with this guy? how can she have access to this important information. i was badly criticized. now they are saying trump has good judgment. >> this has been a wild and unpredictable election. yet we are under federal investigation and now it turns out the laptop he had with his
1:48 pm
wife and now it takes us to our most important number of the day. donald trump loves beating up on anthony wiener. that tells you why. a new poll shows anthony wiener's favorable rating among voters in the country is 8% 8% of voters saying they have a favorable view. to put that into perspective, how does that compare? 41% for hillary clinton and donald trump at 40%. it gets worse for him. congress, everybody bashes congress and hates congress. that is at 23%. how about this one? people like me. the news media. we have 19%. that still beats 8%. there is at least one person he
1:49 pm
beats out. vladamir putin as 6% that is lower than the 8% favorable score for anthony wiener who took center stage. at least his name in the final few days of the campaign. that's the most important number of the day. we will go live to the loan star state where they are seeing unprecedented early voter turn out. >> even after the e-mail story came out, the turn out in texas has been remarkably high and we have continued to break records. >> could the tide be shifting in favor of democrats here. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle,
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>> the state of texas has been a republican stronghold. this year democrats have at least gotten the blimer of hope in texas. that is close enough to get people talking and close enough to get the clinton campaign to spend about $50,000 and a week's worth of television ads and online ads as well. they last went for a democrat in 1976. that was when jimmy carter beat gerald ford and more recently these have been blowouts for republicans. 2012 mitt romney wins the state. john mccain even though he lost
1:54 pm
in 2008, he won texas by double-digits. austin, texas, this is the latest stop on the battle ground. democrats have made no secret and sees it as a growth opportunity. they were not seeing it was going to be a target. they have been tighter than we expected. >> quite a few people i talked to are shocked. when you look at the numbers in places like dallas, el paso and austin, these are the urban areas that favor democrats where they are seeing the biggest gains. it doesn't have an impressive record. this is the voting and we haven't seen a lot of people going in and out. i can't go past this orange cone. here's the thing. this is what has democrats kind of stoked here. in a place like this, they have seen almost a third of their
1:55 pm
voters going to the polls. that's a remarkable number. will it have a depressive effect of what they have seen with a lot of enthusiasm. she is stumping for hill cree clinton and i said to her, how will you know when you go to the places whether or not it's going to have an impact? here's what she told me. >> i will be looking for the mood of the volunteers on the ground. there is a lot that can be told from their understanding and their conversations that they are having with voters. whether they feel like it's having an impact. when i was helping hillary clinton in the primary, i could always tell when i was in the state that we were not going to
1:56 pm
win. based on the temperament and temperature of the volunteers. >> what they are hearing on the phone and door-to-door. >> exactly. >> i had a chance to talk to the congressman and he told me this is where the clinton campaign's ground gained superiority. he believes it kicks in because if you have people who would be hillary clinton supporters and maybe they are on the fence of the things they didn't like about her are being confirmed by what they are hearing over the last couple of days. that will help scoop the people up and bring them in. arizona is incredibly close. >> thanks for that. we'll be right back after this.
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that's going to do it for this hour. a quick note for you. kellyanne conway the trump campaign manager joins us at 7:00 eastern time. first mtp daily starts now. >> if it's minute, new information from the justice department just now on the renewed clinton e-mail investigation. tonight democrats demand answers on the timing of the review. >> why in the world they would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrong-doing. >> we will talk to the ranking democrat and why the ripple effect could washout the democrats's hope for the wave election. why it's


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